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Renewal of intangible telephone time and internet

This is about an electronic time renewal service for mobile or land telephony and Internet

Distribution of Intangible means of payments

Cooperation with the leading companies in the field of online payment, providing the most modern and secure method for purchases or online services.

Distribution of intangible entertainment cards

POSIT expands its range of products, providing customers with access to products and entertainment services.

Distribution of tangible phone cards

The distribution of tangible prepaid telephone products remains among the company's business activities although nowadays the largest volume of prepaid products is handled electronically.

Distribution and Identification of Mobile Connection Packets

The service of Identification or/and Transfer for Prepaid Telephony connections is addressed to our authorized partners for affording them increased profits & competitiveness. We possess prepaid card packages from all mobile providers.

Other value added services

POSIT, being always active in the ever-changing environment, has a strategic partnership with NRG, a power provider and member of Chandris Energy Group.

Bill Payments

This is about the use of bill payment service in the shops of traders who already cooperate with Posit for using POSITs terminal installed in the retailer's shop. 

  • Increase of customers and profits
  • Simple issuance of transaction copy
  • Minimum standby time
  • Continuous intergration of new bill payment transactions
Credit / Debit cards acceptance

This is about the conclusion of tripartite contracts among  our network retailers, POSIT and a Bank for using POSIT’s terminal installed in the retailer's shop.

Four key benefits are identified:

1. No Purchase of terminal required

2. One terminal for 2 applications

3. Competitive charges

4. No time commitment

Our partners