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Foundation of the company

In 1993, Thomas Bourtsalas founded the company Mobile Telephony Center Ltd, signing exclusive cooperation with the Panafon telecommunication provider, in order to attract customers - mobile subscribers on its behalf.

Thomas Bourtsalas, having previously worked in the shipping industry, managed to attract many and large shipping companies, such as Thenamaris, Minerva, Oceanbulk, some of which still trust Vodafone's network today.


Retail store

In 1995, the company moved its headquarters to a showroom at Filonos street, where the company's headquarters remained for years.

With this move the company aimed at attracting private customers – subscribers in addition to corporate connections.

Expansion of activities

Following its conversion from a Limited Liability Company (Ε.Π.Ε.) to a Societe Anonyme (SA), the Mobile Telephony Center SA expands its activities by engaging in the distribution and resale of prepaid telephony cards under a contract signed with PANAVOX SA. This decision was conclusive for the subsequent business development of the company, as the distribution / resale of prepaid telecommunication products has by now been upgraded to its main business.


Foundation of the subsidiary company "Mobile Telephony Center SA"

2001 marks the founding of the limited partnership company Mobile Telephony Center AE.EE, having SA as its main shareholder the SA, which operates as an exclusive partner of Vodafone (franchise) with a retail store in Piraeus, at Miaouli Coast.


Retail Shop at Athens Heart Mall

In 2008, the Mobile Telephony Center SA opens via franchise a new Vodafone store within the Athens Heart shopping center in Tavros.



Expansion of activities

In 2009, the Company - and its management -, being fully aware of the developments in the field of distribution, technology and services in mobile communications, decided to operate in the market of electronic distribution / resale of talk time and internet (intangible card).


Private platform operation

In June 2011 the commercial operation of the private platform was launched.

The project was based on the company's excellent knowledge of market needs, investment in technological infrastructure, with modern architectures, and development of a network as well as its own complex software applications for providing management platform.


Assignment of OASA ticket distribution services

In April 2012, the Mobile Telephony Center SA was appointed as contractor for the project that OASA had announced through open tender for the distribution of tickets at points of sale in Attica.


Assignment of distribution of controlled parking cards in the Municipality of Athens

In September 2012, the Mobile Telephony Center SA was appointed as contractor for the project that DAEM has announced through open tender for the distribution of controlled parking cards in areas of the Municipality of Athens.


Collaboration with Hellenic Post

The company signs a strategic cooperation contract with Hellenic Post.

Acquisition of the Airtime Xpress terminal fleet

Acquisition of the Airtime Xpress terminal fleet with presence in more than 800 points of sale.

Collaboration with Cardlink

The company launches the service of acceptance credit / debit card in collaboration with Cardlink.

The network's point of sale is over 7,500 customers.

New Alpha Pay Point service

In 2019, the company, in order to improve the level of customer satisfaction and at the same time increase the profits and competitiveness of the point of sale, announces the addition of the Alpha Pay Point bill payment service through its terminals (POS) in cooperation with Alpha Bank.

Expanding cooperation with Cardlink

In 2018 the company announced the addition of the bank Alpha Bank to partner banks for debit / credit card acceptance service