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Distribution of intangible prepaid products

This an electronic time renewal service for mobile or land telephony and Internet based on the use of a POS terminal device and a voucher printing of a talk time renewal code (voucher).

The implementation  by Posit is made through the most modern terminals  capable of performing a variety of electronic transactions while providing the ability to communicate either through a dial-up connection or mobile network (GPRS ) or Internet (Ethernet).

The application used by POSIT has been designed and developed 100% in-house with the extensive knowledge of market requirements and the ability to support parallel and vertical development.

Benefits of selling intangible vouchers

  •  Zero funds for card purchase
  •  No risk of card theft
  •  No loss of customers
  •  Continuous availability of cards,
  •  Significant time and cost benefits as stock monitoring and order prediction are not required
  •  Absolute sales control
  •  Variety of available products
  •  Wide variety of sale options according to customer needs (terminal, vending machine)

Features and Capabilities of Terminals

  • Autonomy operation of terminal (power or battery)
  • GPRS, Ethernet, dial-up
  • High speed of printing
  • Option to issue a daily report (Z) of any day from the day of operation
  • Option to issue invoice value and account balance
  • Quick and easy-to-use menu with shortcuts
  • Option to lock terminal
  • Option to install  vending machine
  • Option to install  money storage box

Operation and Support Features 

  • Telephone Customer Service 365 days / year (technical and functional issues, cancellation of transactions, etc.)
  • Terminal  delivery within two (2) business days
  • Immediate replacement in the event of a breakdown
  • Weekly invoicing
  • Options for payment through all major banks
  • Provision of a corporate deposit card for ATM to avoid waiting at bank counters
  • Competitive Commercial Policy
  • A wide variety of products
  • Continuous availability of all products
  • Private platform for managing transactions handled by the development and support team within the company