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Always presenting active participation in the constantly changing environment of the Greek market, the Mobile Telephony Center is today taking a step ahead of the developments, presenting a strategic cooperation with NRG, a provider of electricity and natural gas.

NRG enters the energy market in 2012. Today, it is already in the leading companies in the industry.

In 2018, Nrg was ranked number one in the list of fortune with the fastest growing businesses in Greece with a turnover of 117 million.

Given the rapid growth in the energy market in Greece and taking into account all the new prospects that are being opened and the need for revenue growth, we are developing this collaboration by offering significant dynamics and prerequisites for additional growth and at the same time increasing the revenue of our partner network .


                                                                                                                 Benefits for partners



 Activity in an industry with a high growth potential and continued growth 


 Equip your business with validity, reputation and awareness 


 Exploiting the experience and knowledge of the parent company, receiving support from its management staff 


 Continuous marketing actions at the national level and supply of promotional material


                                                                          Competitive prices, high quality services with programs offering

                                                                  30% free electricity and natural gas to the family and up to 25% in the business