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Distribution & Identification of Mobile Telephony Connection Packets

Identification or/and Transfer Service for Prepaid Telephony connections

The service of Identification or/and Transfer  for Prepaid Telephony connections is addressed to our authorized partners for affording them increased profits & competitiveness.

We offer prepaid card packages issued by all mobile providers.

Each partner has a choice between two ways of cooperation:

1. Identification for new prepaid mobile connections which are activated after processing the request

2. Transfer of existing active prepaid mobile connections to the new owner of the line

The service is completed through simple steps on the sole condition of having fax or email device with a scanner at the authorized point.

The procedure is simple: The partner sells the connection package to his client, who in turn completes and signs the Solemn Declaration of Law N.1599 / 1986, then sent to the company together with the necessary documents (photocopy of the original identity card) and the number is allocated to its new owner.

The company emphasizes its customer oriented approach, while offering to all its partners the ability to employ the identification process as a means of gaining profit and increasing the customer base.

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